Welcome to Muskoka Vision

There are three key parts to seeing clearly.

  1. Healthy Eyes
  2. The right prescription from your Eye Doctor (aka Optometrist)
  3. Glasses designed and manufactured to give you your very best vision

The first two of these points can be determined by calling Muskoka Vision and booking your regular eye health exam with our Eye Doctor.  The third point however is often overlooked.  Many people believe that all glasses are the same, and only look at price when making this big decision.  Most eye prescriptions last about two years until they need to be updated to keep your vision clear.  Come into our Optical area, see our large selection of frames and let us show you the difference quality glasses can make to your vision.   

All lenses are NOT made equal .  Come into Mukoka Vision and our Optician will show you what your vision has been missing.  Don’t trust your eyesight to anyone other than Muskoka Vision's Optometrist and Optician, we’ll make sure you see your very best, Guaranteed. 

Click on the “Our Glasses” tab above for more information on why we know you’ll love your new vision, through your new glasses from Muskoka Vision.