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Muskoka Vision Frames

All the frames at Muskoka Vision are of the highest quality and thus carry our full Muskoka Vision Warranty.  Whether you’re looking for a lower priced frame, or a designer frame, all of our frames are designed to last!  Come in today to talk to our Optician, and see all our brand name and designer styles to help make you look your very best!

Muskoka Vision Lenses

Our Optometrist and Optician have worked together to select the very best lenses that the current lens manufacturing industry has to offer. 

Digital Aspheric Single Vision Lenses

Aspheric lens design incorporates slight curvature changes on the front surface to offset optical distortions that appear on the periphery of moderate to high power prescriptions.   This creates a clearer and less distorted image of your surroundings. 

 Digital Aspheric Lens

                   Regular Lens Design                                                   Digital Aspheric Single Vision Lens

Progressive Lenses


Progressive Lens ZonesThe term “Progressive Lens” was first used in 1956, and was coined after the term Progressive Addition Lenses .  Conventional designs are now considered somewhat basic, and while still sometimes used for patients that are on a tight budget, some people will find these lenses more difficult to get used to.  This is because conventional progressives have more peripheral soft focus areas, as well as smaller reading and intermediate zones then more modern digital progressive lenses do. 

Due to these limitations with conventional progressive lenses, lens manufactures have since created dramatic improvements in the design and manufacturing of progressive lenses call Digital Progressive and Digital Freeform Progressives.  These improvements have dramatically increased the clarity of vision, increased the width of the vision zones, and reduced the peripheral soft focusing areas.  Some of the newest of these advancements are described below. 


Digital Progressive Lenses

Conventional Progressive DesignDigital ProgressivesDigital Freeform Progressives


These images help demonstrate the differences between the different progressive lens technologies available, and how these technologies can help improve your daily vision experience. 

Upgrading to a Digital Progressive Lens can be compared to upgrading your TV to High Definition.  Where Conventional Progressives Lenses are ground down into their shape using a similar method to sanding wood into shape with sandpaper, Digital Progressive Lenses are machined into its proper shape with a computer guided diamond cutting tool.  This allows for a much more accurate progressive design to be shaped into the lens, creating a more accurate and comfortable viewing experience.


Digital Freeform Progressive Lenses


man300This is the best of the best when it comes to giving you the clearest vision, the widest reading and computer zones, and the least amount of peripheral soft focus areas.  Digital Freeform Lenses are manufactured in the same way that Digital Progressive Lenses are, the big difference is that before the manufacturing process even starts the design for that process is manipulated to the exact specification of your personal prescription, biometrics and frame choice.  By combining a personalized progressive design, with a digitally controlled manufacturing process, lens manufacturers have created the widest viewing areas possible, and the very minimum in peripheral soft focusing areas.  These lenses are the very easiest to get used to, and create the very best vision experience.


Digital Progressive Office Design Lens


Office LensesThe Digital Progressive Office Design lens is an excellent choice for those that want advanced computer and reading vision for the office environment.  These lenses create the optimal head and neck position for computer use, as well as the very largest computer and reading zones.  If you work at a computer, or in an office then these lenses are for you!




The images on this page are for demonstration purposes only to help show the differences between different designs of lenses.  To fully see the visual improvement these lenses can provide they need to be created in your unique prescription, your personalized design, and worn throughout your daily activities.  Take advantage of our 60 Day Clear Vision Guarantee and try them out, you'll love your new vision!